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Home » Bible Study Center » God's Healing » Healing Testimonies

God's Healing Testimonies
God's Awesome Power Is Healing People !
50 Wonderful Testimonies and Climbing !
We'd Love To Hear From You !

The Healing Power Of God Captured In A Photo!

God's healing light wrapping around Mary

Read Mary's Amazing Healing Testimony At #27 Below
"My daughter looking through the camera said, "Oh my God".
A light that I had been asking for came down over me.
Every cancer test since then revealed nothing.
My Prayers Had Been Answered."

Read Allen's Message From God About His Healing Power At #29 Below
"Then I heard inside my spirit a voice saying,
"Because I love you so much, I hid my power in my Word.
Otherwise man cannot stand seeing my power directly".

Share Your Testimony With Others!
If God has healed you and you'd like to share your testimony
with others around the world, we'd like to hear your story.
Please fill out the online form below, submit it and we'll post your testimony on our
website so that others can see how the power of God can heal them too.


Fill in the blocks below and then click the "Send" button.

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program first and then copy and paste it below.

God's Healing Testimonies
"God's Healing"

God's Awesome Power
Healed The Following People.
50 Wonderful Testimonies and Climbing !!!

Healing Testimony #50 Is Sent To Us From
Leonard of California, USA!

It Has Now Been Almost Four Years And The Lord Has Watched Over Me.
"When the doctors told me I had prostate cancer, it was not a surprise as my great-grandfather had died from it in 1907 and my father died at age of 90 with the same cancer. My younger brother died at age 78 with this disease and my other younger brother has been treating the cancer for several years. The doctors told me I should get the prostate cancer from my body as the biopsy tests put me in Stage 4 and my life was in danger. I was given a booklet telling what I should do immediately; so I prepaid my funeral and picked out my casket and went over the family trust with my children.

We read in the Bible, where is says to cast our burden on the Lord in time of fear, Psalm 55:4, "My heart is sore pained within me; the terrors of death are fallen upon me". Then verse 22 tells us. "Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee; He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved." So I spent three days praying to the Lord for an answer asking what He wanted me to do about the treatments the doctors were arranging and scheduling?

I told my wife what the Lord directed me to do and she said then do not wait to tell the doctors. So we met with the doctors and cancelled the hormone and radiation treatments that they said were necessary to lengthen my life here on the earth. They were very unhappy with my decision and said it was very foolish. They also added I would not need to be seen by them again. I told the doctors the Lord had agreed to carry my burden and I gave it to him.

At the time, I had been seeing a doctor in town as the Air Force hospital could not handle all of the older retirees. I called the base department and explained my situation. They took me as a patient again and the woman doctor said she understood my decision to not get any treatments. We talked how powerful prayer is and putting our trust in the Lord.

A bone scan a year later showed no movement into the bones and my PSA had dropped to normal for my age. It has now been almost four years and the Lord has watched over me as I try to walk in his footsteps. A recent follow up showed no change, so was told by the doctor that he would see me again in a year.

We read in the New Testament where our gracious and loving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ tells us when He healed the sick to tell others. Mark 5:19" -----Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee."
# 50: Leonard - California USA

In A Moment I Felt Thie Wonderful, Warm, Amazing Feeling Upon My Body.
"This is Teboho from South Africa. I got really encouraged by the testimonies that people have shared on this site, so I thought I could tell mine also. I had a dislocated rib on my left side and it was very painful as I had to relocate it after every moment I moved or walked, this was at the time I had just got saved for about a month, God is amazing. There was a conference at our nearby church in Koinonia and I attended till Friday when Dr. Weeks was speaking about the anointing of the Holy Spirit and receiving Him, I was inspired but never believed I could get anointed as well. When she said we should closed our eyes and pray together to receive, I did so; and in a moment I felt this wonderful, warm, amazing feeling upon my body then my lips just began to utter in tounges (knowing what was happening to me) I began to give thanks to the Lord for His awesome anointing. After the service I noticed that the headache I had was gone and that the pain and discomfort I used to feel on my rib was gone also and I'd been healed since that day. That was the happiest day of my life and the best thing God had done for me 2nd to saving me. Glory to God our Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever and ever."
# 49: Teboho - South Africa

Sometimes Healing Comes When You Least Expect It.
"Sometimes healing comes when you least expect it! As we were getting take out from a restaurant, a young girl by the name of Mindy approached me. I assumed she saw me as I struggled with my crutches while leaving the restaurant. She asked what had happened to me, and I explained that I had injured my knee during an obstacle course race. She then asked if she could pray for healing and restoration in my knee, and I gladly said yes. After a few minutes of prayer, I could feel heat radiating from my knee. She assured me that is the healing power of God. She then asked me to walk a few steps without the crutches, and I did without pain or instability! She then prayed again, took off my brace, and asked me to walk again...and I did without hesitation! She finally asked me to jump on my injured knee, and with FULL FAITH, I JUMPED on BOTH LEGS! I then tried a single leg squat on my injured leg'?'something I knew I couldn't do, but I DID IT! (Side note: My husband, being the physical therapist he is, was standing off to the side in complete shock!) He knew the things I was doing were impossible with the extent of my injury, but with GOD, ALL things are POSSIBLE! Thank you, Mindy, for taking the time to intercede in prayer for me! This experience has increased my faith in God and the healing power of Jesus Christ!"
# 48: Sandra - Texas USA

God Has Been Blessing My Babies And I.
"I would like to share my amazing testimonies of how God has been blessing my babies and I. First I'd like to say to God be the glory!!!! All dominion, majesty and power. Our God is an awesome God! Well first of all my children and I have been experiencing lots of different symptoms from what seems to be food sensitivities, sores that come in our mouth, rashes on our body, burning pains through out my body, my baby having many ear infections to the point of having tubes in her ears, my son seemed to have diarrhea for a week or so and was very weak and missed a lot of school because of it, breathing problems, yesterday I had a really bad episode where it felt like I couldn't breathe and was losing oxygen in my brain and chest. I really was having a tough time and it was all after I ate. Which really only consists of veggies, meats, and fruits because anything else seems to cause me have it bad. I began to pray and read Gods word and pleaded the blood of Jesus over the attacks. I want you to know He stepped in and made it alright, even in those moments of fear of death and doubt He helped me drive the enemy out!! Thank God in Jesus name! I'm trusting my God for complete and devine healing because we are already healed according Isaiah 53:5!!!! We have to accept it, believe it, and receive it,.. As children of God its apart of our inheritance and I just want you all to know so that you would be encouraged. HE WAS WOUNDED FOR OUR TRANSGRESSIONS AND BY HIS STRIPES WERE HEALED!!!! Don't let Satan receive you trust God... Oh I stopped going to doctors completely because they never do anything but give meds that cause more harm than help. Not mad at them, pass that and forgiven. Just stating and we've been doing much better since we have stopped but its hard sometimes and do tend to get tempted but I promise he will never put more on you than you can bare. God bless you all and thanks for the beautiful testimonies, very encouraging."
# 47:

Since That Day Not One Stomach Problem.
"On Monday March 23, 2015 at about 4:30 AM lying in bed awake all the sudden I see inside this mountain, very large 200 feet high at the center peak. The wall went from the center down to the ground, perfectly illuminated, seeing all the cracks in the rock walls, and 100's of people standing perfectly still, dressed in tunics so many and at a distance. Clear outlines of many people all still and not a sound. My heart seemed to stop and a peaceful feeling washed over me. My abdomen area seemed to lift up in a cloudy hazy mist like. I felt compelled to tell my Husband I was dying and was going but peace just left me still and calm, the warmth got warmer and warmer in the nicest fashion. My spleen I think was especially warm and turned a darker hazy white and so warmed. I saw this in my minds eye, which is a mystery of the most interesting nature. I felt so light and not one sound. Then The picture was gone and I was normal feeling. Peaceful, not in the least alarmed. I finished saying the Rosary and went peacefully back to sleep. I have suffered from what I believe has been Celiacs Disease all my life and recently started eating a very special diet and taking herbs for and intestinal infection. Since that day not one stomach problem although now several weeks later I am still on the diet and herbs and no stomach diarrhea, gas, bloating and nausea."
# 46: Ellie - Alabama USA

I Know I Was Healed and Still Healed Today From Cancer.
"Hello. 19 years ago I had Mastectomy, chemo and radiation. I really believed God has healed me. Jesus came that I may have life. He suffered for my sins, sickness and pain. I read a lot of healing scriptures, played healing tape and read a lot of spiritual books. I did all I could to get God's word into my spirit and claimed them. I went to church and crusades. I had a lot of prayer support and friend support. I know I was healed and still healed today from cancer. I prayed and prayed to God, to heal me. then one day a faithful friend came to visit me and prayed with me. After she left a few minutes after I broke into a spirit of laughter. I believe that this was a sign from God that He heard me and all the prayers of the church family that had gone up to His throne for me assured me I am healed. I know God still heals in Jesus' Name. I pray this will be of some help and encouragement to those who are suffering from different diseases and sicknesses. Jesus still heals today. Just trust Him and believe His Word. Don't let the drs have the last say. Let God. God Bless."
# 45: Yvonne - Canada

GOD Is The DOCTOR Of All Doctors.
"1st Giving Honor to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who is the Author and finish of my Faith. My wife to be Maria is Healed she is the mother of my two beautiful daughters. The day that she became ill and a couple days later I heard from GOD saying who's report do you believe and the first thing that came to me was Isaiah 53:1-5. By his stripes she is healed. I stand on GODs words and from that along every aspect and everything that was taken have been returned back to us. I give Him the Glory. Just believe in Him and His Word when not only the doctors, sometimes your own kin folks can say things that don't line up with GODs Word. Isaiah 53:5 & 2 Peter 2:24 came to me for studying His words from years past. I just give Him the praise and glory for His miracle working power. She was in a coma and could not speak and had very little use of her arms and hand. The "bluf" bottom line up front. GOD is the DOCTOR of all doctors. Amen. Thanks."
# 44: Robert - United Arab Emirates

The Cyst Is Gone. Glory To God!!!!!!!
"He said to her, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering." - Mark 5:34"

On Friday momrning I woke up with abdominal pain and immediately went to the emergency. I was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis. Lied in bed until Sunday in pain and even doctors couldn't diagnose what the problem really was, because the pain was not so intensive to require a surgery, but the inflammation and the high level of leukocytes in the blood tests were signs that something was going wrong. Nevertheless, the doctors couldn'really find out what it exactly was.

Then a miracle happened...

On Sunday afternoon the pain started getting intensive and I was awaken by it from a nap. Except the fact I had some kind of a strange dream, the anxiety that there was some kind of a ginecological problem going on, started arising in my head. Although I was examined on Friday, I required another examination immediately. I will never forget the doctor's face when he found out what the problem really was.... He was like: How did you know that...

Afterwards they started the treatment with antibiotics and for a day the pain stopped.

The real miracle actually happened when I saw my roommate in the hospital. A young woman diagnosed with a 4-cm cyst at the right ovary. I will never forget the tears in her eyes as the doctor told her she had to be operated in the morning. I don't even know how I gathered enough courage to go to her bed and ask her if I can pray for her... she was so desparate that she had nothing against that... so I layed my hands and prayed in the name of Jesus Christ that the cyste goes away and assured the woman that in the morning there will be no operation.

In the morning after the visitation the doctor said that I was getting better and will be released from the hospital on the next day. The woman next to me came back to the room after her examination almost in tears... this tears from happiness. She said: The operation is cancelled, the cyst is gone. Glory to God!!!!!!!"
# 43: Denitsa

I Was Healed!
"I was not able to breathe properly and suffering from malarial fever. My aunt living in Qatar prayed over me on the phone. I felt the embers of the Holy Spirit taking away my fever and I was healed! Praise be to God!"
# 42: Brina - Maryland

God Did It And More
"I would like to give a testimony of how God healed my migrane headaches. I just believed God's healing power because I was dealing with so many matters. God also had my 2 months of mortgage paid in full and other blessings coming my way. I paid my tithes and believed Him to take care of what I needed God to do. He did it and more. God is always a keeper of His Word. Trust God with your life. God is wonderful."
# 41: Brina - Maryland

I Am Completely Healed!
Don't Go By The Doctors Report, Go By Our Creator's Report!

"Hello, I'm a Christian and at one point in my life I turned away from God and started to drink and party and have sex. Well during that time I ended up getting herpies. I went to the doctor and he said it was nothing he could do for me but prescribe me pills. I was so sad and thought my life was over. After that I repented and turned back to God and living a life for Him. I fasted and prayed for my healing. Well after my fast the herpies went away. So I thought yes God healed me. But a week later the herpies poped back up. Well I knew God is a healer and I have strong faith and I even put action behind my faith by fasting so I just kept confessing out loud by Jesus Christ stripes I am healed over and over for a couple days and guess what it went away. I am completely healed!! I dont take any meds at all. I have been healed for about 5 yrs now. I'm so thankful for my Savior Jesus. When you pray you confess the healing scriptures. You can't see the healing but you must repent from sin and believe that your healed even if you're in pain in order for the healing process to begin. See when you gave your life to Christ then the Holy Spirit moves into you, and your body becomes God"s temple. There is no sickness in God or the Holy Spirit so the sickness can not stay! You must watch what you say. God tells us we have power in our tongue. Stop saying you're sick and start confessing you're healed instead. Jesus shed more blood when he got beat and whipped then he did on the cross. The Bible tells us that every whip He took was for our healing. If you believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sin then you have to believe that by His stripes you're healed. God is a healing God. Don't go by the Dr. report go by our creator's report! God bless. Be obedent to His Word. On the other side of your obedence is your blessing/healing."
# 40: Kristy - Virginia

Even The Doctors Can't Believe It.
"I prayed just as His Word says in the book of Jeremiah 17:14. And I received His healing grace in my life. Every test conducted to detect any infection(s), disease in my body, have come negative. And I believe that right now our merciful and healing Father in Heaven is waiting on us to claim, in prayer, believing, our healing and salvation. Just Jesus tells as in the book of Mark 11:24. Our God is everlastingly faithful and His healing power is in His Word. Have faith and believe in Him that giveth you life, for His understanding, no man can fathom. Praise be to the Almighty God."
# 39: Moses - Kenya

Even The Doctors Can't Believe It.
"This is a true testimony. My dad and I don't get on. Back in June 2012 I was at work, I felt a sudden pain above my forehead to the right. It lasted about 10 secs. After work I got a message that my dad had a stroke. Despite, all the years of his hatred towards me. The Lord told me to forgive him. I had forgiven before the stroke, during, and after the stroke. I wept to see his state, he couldn't move his right arm and his speech was slurred and he wasn't the same. To cut a long story short, I prayed to God in Jesus' name with my mum and asked God to FULLY restore him. A year has lapsed, he is out of his wheel chair, he can walk and talk and is getting better by the day. Even the doctors can't believe it.

I have understood that God is word specific (you get exactly what you asked for). I believed and thanked Him and He has done a wonderful job. Praise be to God our father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord!!!"
# 38: Daniel - United Kingdom

I Spoke To My Foot In The Name Of Jesus And The Swelling Has Gone Away
"My left foot had been swelling for months and I had tried all kinds of things to treat it including soaking in epsom salts and elevation nothing seemed be much help. So I took Gods Word about saying to the mountain to be removed and spoke to my foot in the name of Jesus and the swelling has gone away and my foot is back to normal and has been fine ever since then, months ago. Praise God and His wonderful Word. TRUST IN HIM. Ref. Matt. 17.20."
# 37: Charles - Texas

UPDATE: I Never Gave Up And Today I Am Healed.
"Hi, my name is Asungba, 27 years of age (male). I was suffering from stomach disorder(GERD) for 8 years. It became so severe in the month of March this year, so weak. I was under medication for all these years but nothing work. So I decided to give up all my medication and gave my life to Jesus in the month of march. I started reading the Bible which I hardly used to do. I meditate on His Word day and night and claiming His words of healing over my sickness. Sometimes the symptoms get worse but I never gave up. I kneel down to my knees and meditate on His promises and claim isaiah 53:5, by his stripes I am healed. I never gave up and today I am healed. Praise the Lord. I want to encourage you all who are reading my testimony that Jesus is the only healer, His Words are the medicines. All things are possible for God. We just have to trust Him. God bless you all."
# 36: Asungba - India

Whenever I Am In Pain I Cry Out To Him And I Get Immediate Relief From Pain.
"I am having a severe digestive problem for the last 8 years. I have gone to many doctors but nothing worked on me all these years. But God took care of me all these years. Whenever I am in pain I cry out to Him and I get immediate relief from pain. How great is our God? I keep praying to Him to heal me. Matthew 21:22 always comforts me, it says, "Whatever you ask for in prayers believe that you have received it and it is yours." God is really working in my life and my health is improving day by day. Praise God for that. I know I will be completely heal very soon, for everything is possible with God."
# 35: Asungba - India

Gods Love Never Fails.
"In March 2011 while I was 8 months pregnant with my son my small intestines was tied up the doctor performed surgery he closed me back up and untied my intestines. I had 42 stitches still carrying my baby to full term. A month later I had my baby and named him Jeremiah. He was 6 pounds 13 ounces. I spent 3 days in the hospital. The night I came home with the baby I felt a pain. It felt like a gas pain. My mom and my sisters stayed with the baby and I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. T.he doctors discovered my instestines exploded I was in a bad condition. My heart became enlarged all at once and they found puss in my stomach. I was in a coma for a couple of weeks. God is good, I'm healthy today breathing on my own. I'm back to work, my boy is a healthy 30 pound baby and my husband and family and I are great. Gods love never fails."
# 34: Claudia Louis - New York

The Lord Told Me To Shut-Up And Stop Whining, That He Was Doing Something.
God Is Still In The Miracle Business!

"My battle with cancer in Christ...Some time later, I received the results of my biopsy. It was positive to prostate cancer. However, the doctor told me that it is quite treatable, and after a course of hormone therapy, all should be well. I received the news from the doctor with a smile on my face, and without any fear or anxiety? This seemed to confuse the doctor somewhat. After all, in Christ, I had ventured through the valley of the shadow of death to come out a winner! I asked the Lord why, when I got home and He told me to shut-up and stop whining, that He was doing something. I was in a real mess indeed? My kidneys were in a bad state and my heart-rate seemed to be all over the place. And now I have to deal with prostate cancer! During 2012, I spent at least four stays in hospital over urinary infections and at one time with a dose of acute anaemia was thrown into the pot as well. The doctor decided to give my an iron infusion to deal with the anaemia and build up my red blood cells.

In July of 2012, I was called to the hospital for my surgery on the prostate? It is known as a "T.U.R.P." It is basically a shaving of the prostate so that the kidneys may drain more urine into the prostate an ease the pressure from the kidneys and the bladder. They also removed the stints from my kidneys as they were deemed no-longer necessary. My cancer doctor me that the cancer was well under control and my PSA level had dramatically come down? He to was waiting for the T.U.R.P to be completed. A day or so following the T.U.R.P, the urologist came to see me to tell me how things went. She told me that they found a lot of stuff in my prostate that would have caused the blockage? But NO sign of cancer was found! God indeed had done a work in me? I no-longer needed the catheter which I had to endure for 12 months? My kidneys we speeding along the road to full recovery, and my heart was perfectly normal! Since then, my health has improved 100% and my strength is returning at an amazing rate. I have already shared the good news of what God has done in His healing work to those who knew that I had cancer? They are all in shock. I share this testimony with whoever reads this testimony of Jesus Christ in the hope that they too will come to know the saving grace that can only come through the person of Christ Jesus and not through the religion of men. Indeed, God is still in the miracle business!"
# 33: Terry - Australia

I Have Said From The Start God Would Heal My Lungs When He Was Ready. Thank You Jesus.
"I have been on oxygen for over a year now. I have said from the start God would heal my lungs when He was ready. I have C.O.P.D. (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and last year at this time by breathing oxygen sat was only 53. This year they were 73 and the doctor said that if I continued improving I would be off oxygen so I praise God for His healing. Thank you Jesus."
# 32: Sylvia - USA

I'm Healed From An Incurable Disease Through Speaking The Word Of God.
"I'm healed from an incurable disease through speaking the Word of God for 6 years. It's real, it's working. Praise God."
# 31: Esther - Nigeria

GOD Is Telling Him To Tell Me That I'm Completely Healed.
"I've been having typhoid for a while and I've been praying about it. Recently I started feeling pains at the left side of my chest. I went to church yesterday and a pastor from the UK came to preach and while preaching he said, "There's someone here having pains at the left side of the chest and doesn't know what it is and that I've been praying about it and that right now GOD has healed my kidney and that GOD is telling him to tell me that I'm completely healed." I claimed it and went to him after service and he prayed for Me and told Me not to take any liquids except water. I'm drinking water now and the pains are no more there. I have faith In GOD that I am completely healed. I thank you JESUS for your love toward me. I am so grateful."
# 30: Oluwatoyin - Nigeria

I All Of A Sudden Saw A Stream Of Red Light Rays Flow Towards My Chest.
All My Bone, Muscle Pains Disappeared!
Then I Heard Inside My Spirit A Voice Saying, "Because I Love You So Much, I Hid My Power In My Word.
Otherwise Man Cannot Stand Seeing My Power Directly".

"Praise be to Jesus! I am Allen living in Kampala, Uganda. In 2010 I suffered stage 1 breast cancer and got lumpectomy on my right breast and then chemotherapy. It was a "successful" treatment and then was put on tamoxifen for 2011 through to 2015 as the tumor was estrogen positive. But kept going for routine checkups in Mulago cancer institute. But my hormones kept breaking through the tamoxifen every month and I kept getting regular MPs. On top of the tamox not "protecting" my breasts, I got this terrible pelvic pressure and pain in the legs and whole body, including my bones.

I decided to quit tamoxifen and just believe God to intervene. I kept confessing "NO MORE CHEMO, AND NO MORE SURGERY". Then I landed on Christian Journey healing website. I followed the instructions. In just 4 weeks! All my bone, muscle pains disappeared! Plus I did a mammo for both breasts on 7th January and it was very clear. Same doctor who saw the mass with ultrasound could not even see the tiniest spot with a mammogram after 4 weeks. He was confused! God's word is so powerful!

But 2 weeks into my praying and believing God for healing, I got a vision as I was taking my lunchtime nap -- I was meditating on the power in God's word, and how it is health to all my flesh, and how he is not a man to lie, and how it is His will to heal everybody that goes to Him for healing, and how the healing I already available for me ..... I all of a sudden saw a stream of red light rays flow towards my chest. It was red light rays, flowing very very fast and branching out very fast, swallowing up small ball (size of tennis balls) and my spirit got to know those balls were demons. Then the vision ended. Man, I could not continue with the nap! I got up from my bed and was so amazed at what I had jut seen. It was a but frightening, and yet powerful! Then I heard inside my spirit a voice saying, "Because I love you so much, I hid my power in my Word. Otherwise man cannot stand seeing my power directly".

Since that day I never remained the same. I believed the WORD OF GOD BECAUSE I KNEW THE POWER BEHIND IT! I had seen the power! I just knew no mass or tumor can survive that power of God He hid in his word. Praise Jesus! Thank you Val and team. May the Lord bless you and give you the desires of your heart. May He satisfy you with long life and show you His salvation."
# 29: Allen - Uganda

Jesus Healed Me Of Severe Ulcerative Colitis!
"I was on heavy medications for it that left me swollen and anxious. I was on steroids that gave me a hump between my shoulders, insomnia and anxiety. I was also on Azulfadine which I took 7 pills 3 times a day. While I was on Azulfadine for maintanence I had a still born baby. But Jesus was still by my side. He gave me a dream prior to my babys death where I saw Him walking away with my baby. Even in the pain he was there to comfort me. He let me know ahead of time so I would find comfort. After I lost my baby I got so mad I stopped taking the Azulfadine. My colitis is now gone. I have not taken any drugs to keep it from coming back. That was 12 years ago. I now have two boys 11 and 8 and I am a happy momma. Jesus healed me and He can heal you too. Do not get discouraged. It was not instant healing for me but overtime the symptoms subsided. I want to shout it from the rooftops. DON'T BE AFRAID IT'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT!"
# 28: Yvonne - Texas

My Daughter Looking Through The Camera Said "Oh My God".
A Light That I Had Been Asking For Came Down Over Me.
Every Cancer Test Since Then Revealed Nothing. My Prayers Had Been Answered.

"Blessing From Above. In April of 2009 I went to my primary care doctor for results on a pap smear previously taken. The results were positive and I was then referred to a gynecologist. On May 4, 2009 I was scheduled for a biopsy which later revealed I had cervical cancer. Three weeks later I went in for a hysterectomy. The doctors removed 27-lymphnodes (7cancerous), my ovaries, and tubes. I was informed that 2 months of chemotherapy, radiation and internal radiation was needed for the cancer in my cervix. Throughout this time my faith in God and the many prayers of others kept me strong. I prayed everyday asking him to give me the strength I needed, and to shine a light on me. There was times I felt as if I was breaking both emotionally and physically, but I would not allow my faith to waiver as I knew God was more powerful then what was trying to overcome me. My daughter came in November to visit. We went to Fort Jackson in Buras, Louisiana. We took several photos throughout the day. The last picture taken was of my granddaughter, her friend, and me. As my daughter was looking through the camera her expression changed and she said "Oh My God". At that moment I knew that something had just happened. When I looked at the picture there was a light that came down over me, wrapped around my shoulder, and went down in between me and my granddaughter. At that moment I knew my prayers had been answered, and that God had given me the light I had been asking for. Towards the end of November the PET scan came back good. Every test taken since then revealed nothing. I'm so thankful to God for standing by me through this time, answering my prayers and giving me the strength that I needed to go on. I hope this testimony is an inspiration to others as it was for me. He is always there to love us, and will never leave us in our times of need. All we need is faith and to believe in the prayers we put in his hands."

Below is the actual photo of God's healing light wrapping around Mary as she described it above.

God's healing light wrapping around Mary
# 27: Mary - Louisiana

Healed 3 Times!
"Healed of cancer, heart disease and blood clots."
# 26: Jolanda - Illinois

I Went For A Scan And The Doctors Were Surprised Without An Explanation!
"I grew up in a catholic family but not devoted to the Lord. In 1997 I got very sick. I was in bed for almost 6 months, could not get up or walk 2 meters away. Doctors start to treat me with depression medication and I become completely dependence on these drugs. Still, my life was miserable. One of my friend who was born again brought people over to pray for me. I didn't like them to come, I fought with her every time she wanted to bring them. One day as they were praying for me I felt something coming out of my body. It was fighting to come out has they were praying but after awhile it did and I was set free from a demonic power. I have become born again as God revealed Himself to me and I have been serving Him for the last 7 years. In November last year I was diagnosed with a tumor and thickness of the uterus. The doctor booked me in for urgent operation as I was loosing to much blood, but I cancelled the operation 3 times. Instead, I start to pray and claim the scriptures. I declare in the name of Jesus healing over myself. I spoke the Word as the Lord said to do. And then I said, "Father, I have done all you taught me to speak, now you perform what you have promised to Your daughter." I went 3 days later for a scan and the doctors were surprised without an explanation. The amazing love and mercy of God!! Gods Word was sent to us to be put in practice to live the abundant life that Jesus died for us on that cross. God still heals today has He did yesterday. His Word has power to change life around us. Our faith moves mountains. Jesus is the great Healer and yes sickness is not from God but Satan. Believe and speak! With looooong life He has satisfied you, you shall live and not die to declare the work of the Lord!!!! Trust, believe, renew your mind with the Word, speak the Word for God has the last say over your life. God bless you all!!!!"
# 25: Nancy - Australia

Pinched Nerve Pain in Back Healed Instantly!
"In order to increase faith, I began to watch videos online of people being healed in Jesus' name. Not only did my faith in Jesus increase, but I participated in a healing miracle, since my brother's faith also played a part in the account below. My brother was crouching down to install a truck part, but halfway down, a nerve was pinched in his back. Because of the intense pain, he froze in that position? Keeping his body elevated with his left hand on a rock. That arm was trembling in response to intense pain. I happened to be standing there, and said, "Stand up, and let me pray for it." But he could not stand back up, so I asked where the pain was. After placing three fingers on that spot on his back, I commanded, "Pain go! In Jesus' name. Pain go! Come out, in Jesus' name." At my finger tips, I could feel warmth quickly increase, and I asked, "Do you feel heat?" He said, "Yes." Then he said the pain level went down significantly, which enabled him to stand upright. He's working on the truck now as I write this. My brother also said that, as the heat quickly increased, he sort of "freaked out." I checked with him about 5 hours later, and he said that the pain had went down "70% and never returned. In the past, whenever he pinched a nerve like that, he would struggle with considerable pain for days. Jesus of Nazareth healed "all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralyzed". (Matthew 4:24 NIV) He also gave the twelve apostles "authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness."(Matthew 10:1 NIV) But miraculous healings are not exclusively apostolic, because "Stephen, a man full of God's grace and power, did great wonders and miraculous signs among the people." (Acts 6:8 NIV)"
# 24: Nick - Illinois

God Had Healed Me Through My Obedience And Repentance.
"My story begins as a young and very troubled single mom. I led a life that was not pleasing to God. I found out that I had herpes, a disease. That is considered incurable in the medical world. Years down the road I met my husband. I was ashamed to tell him that my mistakes in the past would probably affect him. One night when I was praying to God, it was laid very heavily on my heart to repent of my sins. This was very hard because it meant I would be confessing to my sister that I had gotten an std from her husband. I knew that this was going to hurt her in many ways and could also destroy our relationship. But, when God lays it on your heart you can know that He is with you through it all. I repented. It was very hard. It required a lot of prayer and strength from God. It was something that I had to do in order for my relationship with God to grow. And when we repent, it is such a burden off of our heart. A couple months later, I married my husband. Our relationship was restricted because we didn't want him to also get my std. We prayed and God laid it on my heart to be tested for it again, and I was negative for any std. God had healed me. It was through my obedience and repentance that God healed me. Luke 15:7 I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 righteous people who do not need to repent. God wants to heal us, but He wants us to be obedient and have faith! Praise God in advance for all the healings that are to come! Bless you all."
# 23: Crystal - Iowa

For 30 Years I Was At War Against Satan But God Blessed Me To Become An Evangelist.
"Praise the Lord. I am Mrs Mable, 48 years and have 2 children Jency 27 and Jayesh 29. I am alone with my two children. My desire is to bring my children under the covenant of God's promises. After lot of struggle, He helped me and my children come to His presence. For 30 years I was at war against Satan but I believe that we have the victory in Jesus name. Now God blessed me to become an evangelist. He has given me a burden to wipe away the tears from the eyes of single ladies and widows who are alone in the society. Also I am giving counseling to people who are so weak in their spirit and I am saving their souls for my Savior God. Once up on a time I was in the same situation, but at that time no one was there to comfort or console me. I was alone with my small kids and away from my people. I was in a different state and I didn't know their language. My heart was full of tears. God allowed me some problems to face for Him for the future use of Gods people. I prepared well and using by my God our almighty in Bang Lore city. This is my testimony. Please pray for my children's marriage. They need only people of God and we're all together to serve God. Thank God, blessed be the name of God Jesus Christ. Amen."
# 22: Mable Daniel - India

Eyes Be Healed! I'm Filing This Experience Under MIRACLE!
"Eyes Be Healed! I had an eye Dr. appointment for the first time in almost 2 years, on Friday. Having been without any form of meds or treatment, I was expecting the worst, but praying for better. Turns out I got the best. While I still have some swelling in the blood ves...sels, it was minimal, and I had no sign of "floaters" or "snow banking". I was told my eyes look the same, if not better than it had been the last time I was treated. This is amazing considering the few times I went a few months without any kinds of treatment or meds, I ended up with serious digressions in my condition. As it stands now, I do not need to return to any kind of treatment or medication because my condition in now mild and my vision with my glasses is 20/20. I'm filing this experience under MIRACLE and considering my 13 years of prayers answered with something other than "be patient". It's been rough, but it looks like it may finally be over. No more eye injections, infusions, mass amounts of pills, huge medical expenses, fighting with insurance agencies...I can definitely get used to this. Praise God!!!"
# 21: Orlando Gomez - USA

When I Started Reading The Bible And Praying My Faith Grew
And I Got Completely Healed!

"I thank God for loving and forgiving such a sinful person like me! It was years back I got so ill that I was about to die because of heart failure but God pulled me out of the world of death. Again fears of repeating such incident and anxiety got hold of me as I was very weak in faith and praying. But when I started reading the Bible and praying my faith grew and I got completely healed. Praise God!"
# 20: Behold Kuzhumi - India

He Heard My Cry And Answered My Prayers. Praise God The Almighty!
"I started using drugs and smoking cigarettes at a young age. By the time I became an adult, this habit grew into an addiction. I prayed to God that He would just take the craving of it away and relieve me of my torment. I kept my faith and was awarded for it. In the midst of my healing, I learned very valuable lessons. Now I do not desire things of the flesh, and have been free of drugs! He heard my cry and answered my prayers. Praise God the Almighty!"
# 19: Roneisha

I Cried, "Lord I Believe Your Promise" And I Heard A Voice Say
"Then Why Are You Looking At Symptoms?"

"I was experiencing abdominal pain for about 3 days and on the third and fouth days it got very uncomfortable, as I did my own research and asked people, it was sure I had appendicitis. I was very nervous at this point and neglected to go to the e.r. for a lack of health insurance. On the fourth day it began to be so swollen I felt as if it was going to explode any minute, I cried out to The Lord that if He was literally walking by me in a flesh body and I asked Him to heal me, that I knew He would because I chose to believe His promise, and I cried to Him "Lord, I believe your promise" and I heard a voice say, "Then why are you looking at symptoms?" Good question, I went to bed by faith holding to His Word and I could hardly breath it was going to rupture... then had a dream where I looked up in the stars and cried GOD I NEED A MIRACLE!, and immediately was awakened by a warm pressure and all my pain and swelling I felt leave my body. I was scared that it exploded but when I went to the e.r. they could find no sign of it! Praise the LORD for He is the same yesterday today and forever! Hebrews 13:8."
# 18: C. Fisher - Michigan

I've Been Healed! - God Had Healed Me In One Day
"I go to a Messianic Worship Center. I fell on the only rock on a beach. About 6 weeks later, I went to the doctor for water on the knee. On Wed. of Rosh Hashanah, the doctor removed 4 syringes of fluid. Recently, my knee began to sweel up-- worse than before. Sheets hurt just laying on my knee. I walked with a severe limp, as my knee began to fill with fluid once again. I spoke with a friend who is a nurse. She couldn't explain why liquid was again flowing into my knee. I went to service Friday for Yom Kippur, and several people prayed for healing. One specific worship sister prayed I'd be healed within one day. I can't exactly say I had faith, as I was preparing to see the doctor and be off my feet for days. Last night, I was healed, completely, within one day. I didn't even realize until I was doing some household duties, knelt down and said "I've been healed!" I went to service today, and stood worshipping God. I saw the Rabbi/Minister, and explained that God had healed me in one day. We both gave thanks to the Mighty Physician Who is Able."
# 17: Barbara - New Jersey

All The Glory Goes To Jesus Who Is Our Healer
"In 2008 Dec 1 I died of a heart attack. I had coded for about 2 min. My wife was out in the hall way of the hospital praying for God to give me back and he did. I seen the bright light of God. Then on Dec 31 same year I died again for over 2 and a half min. Then in Dec 2009 I was healed of copd which is a lung disease that I had had for over 6 years. I was on a neblizer four times a day so I could breath, I have not been on one since. All the glory goes to JESUS who is our healer."
# 16: Steve

I Was In A Coma From A Motorcycle Accident With Massive Brain Trauma.
God Gave Me The Strength To Get Through 3 Months Of Intense Rehab.
He Gave Me So Much Through This Trial, That I Wouldn't Trade It In For The World.

"I am a Firefighter/Paramedic. I was in a motorcycle accident, I was traveling 90 mph. I wrecked into a cornfield and I was thrown 70 feet from my bike and into the cornfield. The soil which had been frozen that morning, according to the farmer, was just freshly tilled that day, making my landing a little softer. I was in a coma for 3 weeks and on a vent, which was breathing for me. My mother was not told, by the doctors, if was going to make it. I suffered massive brain trauma. My GCS (Glascow Coma Scale) was a 3, it doesn't go any lower. Many thought they would have to take me off of life support, once they harvested my organs. I was later told I had Christians, nation wide, praying for me. I came out of the coma and then began the long road to recovery. I had very little cognitive ability, the ability to comprehend and understand many things. I thought I was Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" and that I had crashed my jet. I also had my left arm paralyzed. I slowly gained my personality and memory back as well as the use of my left arm through rehab. God gave me the strength to get through the three months of intense rehab, 8 hours a day. I also did not break one bone, in my entire body. Even after I was awake and improving, many thought there was no way for me to return to my job as a Firefighter. Aside from being physically, mentally and emotionally stressful there is alot of knowledge and skill, they thought I had to have lost. Months of rehab later, I had made a full recovery and the city I work for, wanted nothing to do with my returning to work. They thought there was far too much liability in my returning to work. They put up as many "roadblocks" as they leagally could, to discourage me from returning. God once again gave me the strength to perservere. Months later from that point and many city doctors (Neurologist, Physitrist, Phycologist, Nuerosurgions and General Practicianers). I was cleared for work with no more time to spare. God gave me so much through this trial. He gave me my future wife, my church, my refound faith and many more gifts, I wouldn't trade this trial for the world. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!"
# 15: Travis

With All The Authority You Gave Me Lord Jesus I Am Free
From Every Addiction, Lust, Worries In Life.

"I Thank you very much that every thing concerning my bondages which chained me from coming to Your feet is finished on the cross for me 2000 years back. With all the authority You gave me Lord Jesus I am free from every addiction, lust, worries in life. Love You Jesus. Thank You Jesus my Lord."
# 14: Binu

The Cancer Was There But When They Did The Surgery It Was Gone!
"I give God all the honor and all the glory for my healing!!! By the stripes of Jesus I have been healed!!! May of 2009 I was diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer in my left breast. I eventually had 3 doctors opinions. All three doctors highly suggested that with this type of breast cancer I had to have my right breast removed as well. Hours later after being diagnosed I had this warm feeling come across my body. I suddenly felt peace and the comfort of God. I knew right then I was Healed by the Stripes of Jesus!!!! Taking the doctors suggestion, I went in for surgery June 1, 2009 and had both of my breasts removed. After the surgery the pathologist report showed to have been no cancer in either breast. The doctor was amazed at how the cancer was there but when they did the surgery it WAS GONE...PRAISE GOD!!! THE POWER OF PRAYER IS AMAZING!!! OUR GOD IS A AWESOME GOD!!! THANK YOU JESUS!"
# 13: Judy

I Learned That Sickness Is Not The Will Of God For Our Lives...
I Was Completely Healed Of Fibromyalgia!

"I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2003. I was going to a church that although believed 100% in healing, they would always include in a healing prayer, "If it's your will or if it's God's will". I never received healing. A friend recommended a church nearby that concentrates on divine healing. I learned that sickness is not the will of God for our lives. I realized that scriptures clearly tell us that the will of God is for all to be healed in the name of Jesus. I was completely healed! My favorite healing scriptures are Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 8:1-8, Matthew 8:16. Proverbs 18:21 tells us we hold the power."
# 12: M Alicea

The Doctors Were Speechless When The Results Came Back.
The Doctor Said, "There WAS Something There, But It's Gone. We Can't Find It."

"When I was a small child I experienced horrific migrain headaches. I remember laying on the flood crying and squirming in agony. I would have to take very large pills daily to try to alleviate the pain. Finally, my mother scheduled an appointment for me to be seen by a new doctor and receive a CT scan. It was a frightening experience for myself, being such a small child and having no idea what this huge, large machine was doing. The doctor came in and explained to my mother that we would need to have another scan done because they saw something that looked like a grain of rice in the images taken during the original scan. They weren't sure what it was and we needed to take a more in depth look. I remember not understanding what was going on fully, but I did understand the fear on my mother's face. We scheduled the appointment for after lunch, and left the hospital. We drove straight to our church, and my mom explained through her tears to those in the church office what the doctor had said. A few minutes later I was surrounded by many leaders of the church, a few members and my mother. All of them laid hands on me and began to pray. We then went back to the hospital for more tests and the doctors were speechless when the results came back. The doctor came in, sat down, looked puzzled and said "I just don't understand it. There WAS something there, but it's gone. We can't find it." I never needed the jumbo pills again...the headaches have never come back. The power of prayer is amazing! The Lord IS GOOD!!!"
# 11: Heather

My Son Was Hit By a Car and Run Over...
A Pastor Prayed with Us and He Is Perfectly Fine!

"My son was hit by a car and run over at the age of three. A pastor was going door to door one day, and while my best friend and I were standing out side his apartment, the pastor held hands with us and prayed. Not only did Richard live, he is perfectly fine! Jesus Lives!"
# 10: Richard

". . . and God healed !"
"I was in severe pain the other night and also feeling really sick and God healed that."
# 9: Shannon

Jesus Christ . . . He Delivered Me From Heroin Overnight
Without Withdrawls Of Any Kind!

"I was raised in the westside of San Antonio, Texas where I saw a lot of drugs and alcohol use while I was growing up. At the age of thirteen I started to hang around with the older men in my neighborhood that sold and used heroin and not long after that I started to do the same thing. I went in and out of jail for twenty years of my life. In 1991 I had a $300 dollar a day habit. I wanted to stop using heroin but it wasn't easy. I saw doctors, psychiatrists and faith healers and no one could help me. One day someone told me about a man named "Jesus Christ". He delivered me from heroin overnight without withdrawls of any kind. It's been 19 years since Jesus set me free. I give God all the honor and all the glory for the salvation of my soul and the forgivness from all of my sins. I will always love God and Jesus Christ."
# 8: Steve

I Was Completely Cancer Free 6 Months Later,
And Am Living In Divine Health Today!

"6 years ago, at age 43, I was diagnosed with stage-four melanoma, and was given six to nine months to live. I wasn't saved at the time of the diagnosis, and would surely have perished from lack of knowledge had not a beautiful Christian woman told me God's truth about healing. I began my journey of healing, which took about 6 months. I had NO medical intervention, but boy, did I have God intervention! I was completely cancer free 6 months later, and am living in divine health today! To Him be all the glory forever!"
# 7: Cindy

I Know All Is Well and That My Mom Is Healed of Cancer
"I write this because today is the day I know all is well and that my mom is healed of cancer. Some will say I'm persumptuous but I say it will take this type of faith to make her whole. To God be the Glory....Great things he hath done."
# 6: Salmon

I Had Cancer and God Healed Me
"I had cancer and God healed me and now the devil is trying to give it to my husand. But I know that God is going to heal him. So if you're going through just keep on trusting in God for your healing because He is able to do anything but fail. Hold onto your faith in Him. Pray for my family. God is good."
# 5: Billie

GOD Had Healed My Mum Twice
"GOD had healed my mum twice. The first time took place 2 years ago, when the doctor announced that my mum's health condition should not stay any longer than 1 week. I prayed heartfully to GOD for the devil to be away from my mum. She was healed within a day and slowly saw her getting lively from the sick bed. The second time took place 6 mths ago, while my mum was slowly getting weak and sick. Having the body initially filled with fluids, she is now a healthy a lady who could make out time to continue cooking for our family and starting to continue her Karaoke sessions on Sundays. I sincerely thank GOD for all these. I truly know, without HIM, our family can no longer be where we are today. I strongly encourage any brothers and sisters who suffer from any unknown or uncurable illness to come back to GOD. The lost shephards are not forgotten."
# 4: Kong

To This Day I Am Pain Free and Infection Free...Thank The Lord
"I had been suffering for about two years with bad ear infections, unbearable pain in my inner ear. I had been seeing the doctor at least once a month and had lost about 12 weeks off work in the past 8 months. We were away at a Christian camp in Anglesey in July of this year and the pastor became aware of this. He asked if he could do a healing prayer for me and I agreed, and to this day I am pain free and infection free. Thank the LORD it has really changed my view of the Christian faith."
# 3: Deborah

Miraculously My Feet Were Healed!!!
"Well, I have quite a few testimonies of how God has healed me. I'd like to start off by thanking Him and giving Him all the praise, honor and glory, because without Him and His abundant love and mercy I would not be here today! When I was born I had a severe case of club feet. The doctors told my parents that I had to wear special shoes and would have to have surgery to fix my feet. He said I would always walk with a limp because of the severity of the club feet. My mom was and is a woman of faith and every doctor's visit my mom would tell the doctor that the Lord would heal me. She consistently and faithfully told this to the doctor and walked in faith. The day of my surgery, the doctor took the special shoes off my feet and was shocked to see that I did NOT need the surgery, that miraculously my feet were healed!!!

Another case where the Father healed me was when I was 12 years old I started coming down with flu like symptoms. My mom treated it like the flu and after a few days of not getting any better, she took me to the doctor who said that it was just the flu and to get rest. A few days later I got to the point where I was so weak I couldn't walk. My mom brought me to another doctor and said that I had to have immediately surgery because my appendix had ruptured and the infection was going to my heart. She said that if I had waited even an hour longer, I would be dead. God had a plan for my life and if it wasn't for my mom's faithfulness and obedience to the Father, I would not be here today!"
# 2: Kelly

The Rash Completely Disappeared Like Melting Snow
"I witnessed my granddaughter being healed one Sunday afternoon after church. She had a bad rash from the side of her face, down her neck. God healed her as I watched the rash completely disappeared like melting snow. Praise His Holy Name!"
# 1: Dr. Roberts

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