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Teen Testimonies

God's Awesome Power Is Changing The Lives Of Teens !
16 Wonderful Testimonies and Climbing !
We'd Love To Hear From You !

Share Your Testimony With Others!
If God has been great to you in any way or He has changed your life and you'd like to
share your testimony with other teens around the world, we'd like to hear your story.
Please fill out the online form below, submit it and we'll post your testimony on our
website so that others can see that the power of God can change their life too.


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Teen Center
"Teen Center"

God's Awesome Power
Has Changed The Lives Of The Following Teens.
16 Wonderful Testimonies and Climbing !!!

Teen Testimony 16 Comes In From Mandy From USA!

My Father Was Waiting For Me With Open Arms - He Is Real!!

"When I got my first job I met this really cute popular boy and since he started giving me attention I gave in and ended up giving him my virginity. I think deep inside me I knew it wasn't right but the attention and the feeling of being wanted sucked me in! Well, months later I thought I was pregnant and then one day I just started bleeding and my mom took me into the E.R believing I might've had a miscarriage. But instead the doctor told me I had an S.T.D. (Pelvic inflammatory Disease) I went home and called my boyfriend to let him know and he denied it was from him. But I knew I had not slept with anyone else! He left me after that. And I had to go through it all alone. Then one night I was alone in my room and fell in my knees and started crying out to God. Asking Him why all this was happening to me. I reached out for my sisters Bible she had. And the back page told the story of the prodigal son and how God was my father waiting for me with open arms. So I prayed the prayer it had on the back page. And I was saved that night! Forgiven! And God started healing my broken heart! The next day some teen girls from a church knocked on my door and invited me to church. I said YES! And from that day I've been going to church and living for God! He is real!!
# 16: Mandy - USA

For The Lord Has Heard Your Cry Of Distress.
"I don't remember exactly the date this happened but it was December, 2011. I had just turn 16 in October. I fell pregnant one month later with an ex boyfriend of mine. I wasn't too sure whether to keep my baby or not, I was scared... I mean. I was 16, I came from a big family & it was definently not just something I could easily tell somebody or anybody. I prayed & I prayed for about 3 weeks whether to keep this baby or not. I prayed for a sign. A sign and comfort to let me know everything will be okay, and this baby will only make my life better. (I was very rebellious) The day I went to book in for an abortion I asked my friend to come with me. She was running a bit late, so any way there's a Bible store across from the clinic and she told me to go wait inside. I waited in there for about half an hour. I saw this Bible. Very pretty, pink leopard Bible. (My favorite print) . I casually opened it, I mean hey I wanted to touch this pretty bible :) and the first thing I read was...Genesis 16:11 (New Living Tanslation) "Behold you are pregnant and shall give birth to a son. You are to name him Ishmael (which means 'GOD hears') for the LORD has heard your cry of distress." WOW. Right? I thanked our Heavenly Father, and still to this very day. Months later, I gave birth to a son. :)
# 15: Dorothy - New Zealand

I Never Understood Until I Declared That Jesus Is My Saviour.
"My mom always argued about how should I dress. I often disagreed with her because she didn't want me over dressing or showing too much skin (not that I ever did it). Constantly, she would tell me how a young lady needs to respect herself when it comes to clothes. I never understood until I declared that Jesus is my saviour. Now, I understand that I need to represent what I believe. Therefore, I buy clothes, but I choose careful because I don't want to attract negative attention, provoke anybody, or go against my mom's wishes."
# 14: Yosmayrat - Bronx, New York

Thank God For The Great Life He Has Given Me.
"I'd like to thank God for the great life He has given me and everything He has done for me and allowing me to play sports! There is one scripture that I tell myself daily which is I can do all things through Christ who strengthenes me! This really speaks to me and it means a lot to me!"
# 13: Shelby - Missouri

Who Will You Lead In The Right Directions?
Continue To Spread The Good News No Matter How Young You Are.
God Will Use YOU In Many Ways.

"I have a friend of mine that's special to me. I met her in my school but she's a bit younger than me. She was in 8th grade, and I'm already in my Senior year that time. This girl suffered for many times she even decided to commit suicide. And she felt that nobody likes her beacuse of her physical apperance. She felt so alone and weary. There were even people teasing at her in her previous schools or anywhere else. It's like people wants to stay away from her. And the day came when my friend who's also a believer of Christ invited us in one of their event at their church. So I decided to invite my non-believer friend to come to this event called 'Beautiful Scars' and I was glad that from that day my friend who's not yet a believer of Christ accepted the Lord as her Saviour. And I explained to her everything on why she did that. Little by little I let her to know who's God in her life. I told her that no matter how hard the situations are just remember all the things that the Lord promised you. Just cling to the cross. Surrender to Him everything. And she felt peace and gladness in her heart that time. She promised me she won't do it again beacuse she has God in her life now.

Who will lead you in the right directions? This is all I have to say that God's love endures forever. And harming yourself to death will never be the answer. Stand firm in your faith. Stay true to who you are. And continue to spread the good news no matter how young you are. Because God will use YOU in many ways. Entrust to Him everything, He will NEVER forsake you. God is the only one who will make our lives complete. And always be a good example to anyone especially to some young people who doesn't have God in their lives yet."
# 12: Alice - United Arab Emirates (UAE)

All You Have To Do Is Put Your Faith In Him And He Will Provide.
"Hello to all my brothers and sisters that are reading this. May God Bless each and every one of you. When I was a senior in high school my dad had to go back to mexico and took my little brother with him. A few months later my mom went and followed him. I was heartbroken and left alone with my oldest brother in the U.S. I moved far from my brother and I was devastated. I felt so alone so I let all my sadness out on alcohol. Little did I know I was becoming more and more addicted. It made me feel numb and forget everything. After a while I was just drinking and partying to get my mind off of it but it wasn't enough I started doing drugs and things seemed so much better. The devil had me wrapped around his finger. When people would try telling me about the Word of God I would laugh and mock them. I hated the mention of Him. After 2 years of short bad relationships I met a guy who was a pastors son. He was what every girl dreamed of and he was trying to get me to attend church and change my ways. Only I never listened or care. When he left me one day after I had partied and things got out of control I came to realize what was his purpose in my life. That next morning I woke up and was preaching to the other people I had been parting with the night before. I couldn't believe myself and every one though I was just messing around. Jesus took away the one person he had sent to me in order for me to open my eyes. After that day a few days passed and we got back together. I got closer to the word of God and after a while I got baptized and grew more and more spiritually. Now I am alcohol and drug free and we are married and have a beautiful daughter. God changed my life for the best and I thank him everyday for it. God Exists! And all you have to do is put your Faith in Him and He will Provide. God bless you!"
# 11: Edith - Indiana

I'm Doing Better In School And I Have Jesus Back In My Life!
"I was baptized as a Catholic. My mom would never take us to church. We would spend years not going. I started feeling that something was wrong and I felt really empty. God called me through a book my Grandma bought for me and my sister called 'He Came To Set The Captives Free' by Rebecca Brown. I noticed my sister amazed at what she was reading and she kept telling me to read it until I did. (I think that's how God called my sister as well). So I read it and all of sudden my eyes were opened and everything she talked about made sense. I accepted the Lord through a prayer Rebecca Brown put in her book to accept Jesus as Savior. So I was saved for 3 months. Then Ii drifted away from God. I don't remember clearly how but I did. So I went back to my old ways. Depressed, unconfident, and miserable. I hated everyone because I got bullied in 6th grade and the devil brought back my pain and resentment. When I entered freshman year Satan took complete control of my life. I started doing horrible things like offering my friends drugs because I wanted to see what it was like and they never tried it either so through peer pressuring them they gave in. I felt more empty than before and I just hated the world. Then 10th grade came and I was worst. I was ditching school, and became a control freak. I lost friends and I only had 1 left. I would tell her to not hangout with this person because I don't like her. Until I finally quit. I wanted to leave my high school because I wanted to catch up on my credits. I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior again August 2011 and now I'm in a different school but I'm doing better in school and I have Jesus back in my life!"
# 10: Janine - California

If You Ever Need Something, Just Ask The One And Only God!
"God has helped me in many different ways. First of all, he has given me peace to live the school year, even though a lot of people freak out about tests, locker jams, etc. Also, he has given me the faith to minister to others. If you ever need God to help you, do what I did. My parents left me at school really early one day. I decided to do a quiet time. After I kind of finished praying, I starting to think what I could say to the person I was ministering to, as I held my Bible in my hand. I had no idea what to say. I simply said, "Lord, please give me the words to tell to your children..." I dropped my Bible, not intentionally, though. It opened up. It opened to Isaiah 56. So, if you ever need something, Just ask the one and only God!"
# 9: Rebecca - Texas

I Left It All To Him...From That Moment On, I Was Free!
"Hi to all. I greet you all in the name of our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. When I was about 10 I came across pornography for the first time in my life. I quickly became addicted. For about the next five years I was addicted and couldn't seem to get free. I knew that in the eyes of God it was wrong but it just had such a hold on me. I begged God to free me so many times but I couldnt break free, til one day I told God I couldn't get free and I left it all to Him. From that moment on, I was free! Praise God! Don't try to overcome addiction in your own strength let God do it."
# 8: Blackie - Zimbabwe

I Was Truly Saved Last Year.
I Want To Thank God For That Honor...To Use Me For His Kingdom.

"My testimony is that well I was truly saved last year.. 2009. That's when I really started to feel the manifestation of God in my life. But what I really want to get as is this. I sing but I did not realize how much God wanted me to use this gift for the Kingdom. I must say that I was changed first through music. There was a time last year when I got a whole lot of gospel. When I first heard "My life is in your hands" by Kirk Franklin I felt something so extraordinary. I almost cried that day. Things began to just change in me. There was now a time when we were praying at school and this girl who did not know much about came and just touched me. She started shouting, "I see a worshiper here!" Some how I just started crying. I was happy. Then came a time at church, I was being asked to lead worship. Many times I had tried to avoid. I was scared to mess up. This time I was really going to do it. I prayed to God Because I could not do it without him. And when I did lead the worship session. Wow things where just happening in the place. The presence of God was really moving in the place. I want to thank God for that honor he gave me. To use me for His Kingdom. We serve a beautiful and wonderful God!"
# 7: Rumbi

We've Had 4 Teens Saved At Our Youth Group Services In The Past Two Weeks.
If That Isn't God Moving In Our Midst, Then I Don't Know What Is!!!

"First of all, I just wish some of you could attend my youth group services on Monday nights. The past two weeks, we have seen FOUR teens get saved. If that isn't God moving in our midst, then I don't know what is!! One of our youth anthems is Chris Tomlin's song How Great Is Our God. Next time you hear that song, seriously think about what you are hearing. God is great!!!"
# 6: Patricia

I Now Am A Soldier Of Christ
"I want you teenagers to listen to my testimony. I want you to have faith in God because I know he never leaves us alone in our journey of hard troubles. It's up to you to let him enter your heart because if you are reading this it's because of a reason; God is knocking on that door of your heart. I had many problems in my life, my parents got divorced and they always came back together but then just as fast they separated again and I was tired of that life, we all were, so we looked for help with a therapist and she helped us but we still had many things to learn, I was still living that same life but now I knew I was trying. Then one day my parent's friends (another religion) starting inviting us to their church. I'm not going to lie, I didn't like going there because they had different beliefs, but I had to go. Then, little by little they started talking about how their religion was different from ours but we couldn't disagree with them because we knew nothing about the bible. My parents decided to learn more about the bible in our own church so we looked for help there. One day I experienced something like never before. The Holy Spirit washed over me and I felt His presence, felt Him touch my heart. Since that day on I haven't yelled or screamed at mom like I used to and I now am a Soldier of Christ. I still have problems but now I have faith. I love God!!!"
# 5: Georgy

Yes You Can Make It If You Keep God First
"As a young child growing up my mom abused drugs, my father disowned me and I was raised by my grandmother along with 8 other sibling. I'm the second oldest rejected by loved ones. I know what it is not to have, meaning being without food being without heat, no hot water, no cold water, eating out of the trash just to have food, being abused mentally and physically, being molested by a cousin who in turns say he's in love with you, dropping out of school, being called unwanted, being told your grandmother died because of me and my siblings because my mom wasn't there. In spite of it all I thank God because my mom was in prison for 2 and a half years. Spent the other 2 and a half in the work release program and has been clean since 1995. I thank god for blessing me without someone who looked beyond all my faults and saw I had a need. That person is my leader who in turn became my God mom. She took me and my sister and my cousin into her home and been there every since. She opened up all she had unto us. She does for as she has her own children, sometimes more. She taught us in spite of all we’ve been through. God is yet in control. Yeah the road hasn't been easy but I thank God for a praying leader who encourages us to keep God first. She teaches us to be perfect, to carry ourselves as young men and women of God. So on that note I thank god for every test and trial I've been through and yet have to go through. So I hope this testimony inspires somebody to know yes you can make it if you keep God first and out of all I've been through it made a stronger me. Be blessed."
# 4: Toya

Saved and On My Way To Glory
"Hey guys, how are you? I am great (saved and on my way to glory). I am going to give you my testimony today. Ok when I was 12 years old my mom died of cancer. After she died and my grandmother was placed in a nursing home I did have a Christian family to take care of me. So I got off on the wrong track by cursing and drinking at the age of 14. Until one day I decided to go to church again, I got back in church because of a girl and we broke up so I decided to stay in church. Of couse I still wasn't living a Christian life until I met an awesome guy name Scott Rogers a young youth speaker. He came to my church and spoke and he spoke straight to my heart and I hit my knees. And now I am doing great spreading the word of God and on my way to glory amen..."
# 3: Justin

I Wanted To Get My Life Back In Order With God
"I got saved in 2002, but alot of stuff started happening in my life, for example I had new friends and not all of them were right with God or even loved Him as much as I do. Then through the years I continued to go to church but I felt like I was slipping through the cracks and felt like there was nothing that could be done. Then I hit my low and started doing things I said and promised I would NEVER do. I then realized that I had drifted away from God, and that I needed to ask Him for His forgiveness for what I had done. And I started praying, and talking to one of my teachers, and she has really helped me out alot, and one of my friends has been there for me who understands and they both really helped me out alot. And we all pray for each other, and I told my teacher that I wanted to get my life back in order with God and that that was my New Years Resolution and I told her I wanted to get more involved in my church, and it being rather small we don't have youth groups or anything like that but we hear the Word of God. Well I am now singing in the Church Choir, and me and my friend that has been with me through this whole ordeal, have started a Bible Meet every Wednesday Morning before school in the teachers room that has helped us out alot. And we hope it will be a success and we can spread the word of God to the students at our school. So we pray that God will give us the strength and courage we need to do so."
# 2: Heather

Jesus Christ Takes Me Higher Than Any Drug Ever Could
"The things the Lord has done for my life have been endless. I was a typical "stoner", a slacker, I had no ambition for life, no drive, and bascially felt like I had no purpose to live. The Lord lifted me up and today, I may not have as many friends, and I may not be as popular as I was, but I am the happiest I have ever been. I have a purpose, I have dreams, I have eternal life. Jesus Christ takes me higher than any drug ever could. The Lord has broken my chains. I am no longer bound. What started off as a fear of going to hell, has now turned into a wonderful, amazing, eternal love for Jesus Christ."
# 1: Jessie

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