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Home » Bible Study Center » Financially Faithful & Abundantly Blessed » Tithing Testimonies
Tithing Testimonies
Faithful People Are Receiving Gods Wonderful Blessings !
24 Wonderful Testimonies and Climbing !
We'd Love To Hear From You !

Share Your Testimony With Others!
If our "Financially Faithful and Abundantly Blessed" Bible study
has blessed you in any way or if God has blessed you for your tithing and you'd like
to share your testimony with others around the world, we'd like to hear your story.
Please fill out the online form below, submit it and we'll post your testimony on our
website so that others can see how tithing and the power of God can help them too.


Fill in the blocks below and then click the "Send" button.

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Financially Faithful and Abundantly Blessed Bible Study
"Financially Faithful and Abundantly Blessed Bible Study"

The Following Faithful People Have
Received Blessings From God.
24 Wonderful Testimonies and Climbing !!!

Tithing Testimony #24 Is Sent To Us From
Dene Of Stone Mountain, Georgia!

I Consistently Tithed And Seen A 100 Percent Increase In My Business.
"About 11 months ago I started my own business. The first 6 months were very rocky with an up and down consistency of clients and income. People asked why don't I work for a law firm instead but I was determined and knew this was what I should be doing. I've always been a tither. Not a consistent one but I'd tithe 3 months and not the next type situation."

January 2015, the 7th month of my business I made a commitment to God and myself that I would tithe every single time I received money from my business. Since that day I have consistently tithed every single time and have seen a 100 percent increase in my business both in income and the amount of clientele coming through the door. Scripture says that if you give what he has given you you'll be given it back 30, 60, 100 fold in multiple parts of your life. You just need faith in tithing. April I fell off of tithing due to things beyond my control and I made 100 fold less in May than in April and multiple situations occurred that made me want to pull my hair. I will continue to tithe because God's word is true.
# 24: Dene - Stone Mountain, Georgia

I Began To Tithe - I Got A New Job and It Came With A Salary Increase and Much More.
"I had a job where I struggled so much financially, I worked so hard but the pay cheque made me miserable. At times I packed my car in the company basement as I did not have fuel. I began to tithe...I got a new job and it came with a salary increase, free lunch, free airtime, free gym membership and also the company paid my professional course school fees which had been a great burden. There is no reason to struggle financially yet God has given us his promise. We only have to be faithful and trust Him. He is not a Son of Man that He should lie.."
# 23:

I Thank God For Deliverance.
It Was Like 100 Pounds Had Been LIfted Off My Shoulders.

"For the past 10 years of a 14 year job, I was unfairly treated, passed over for promotions and as a result, I was moderately depressed. I had been praying for a release. I told God that I was going to walk off my job and never come back. I was tired of being faithful and tired of being asked to sacrifice my integrity for this job.

A week before the day in which I had decided to quit without notice, God told me to speak to the building in which I was working. I spoke to the building to give me everything it stole from me. As I was walking into my building and to my office, I continued to speak release and deliverance in my life. That same day, I was downsized with a hefty severance package and benefits for three months. I was elated. After years of persecution, tribulation and grief, I was finally delivered. I thank God for deliverance and am thanking him for my new job (have not received as of yet, pray for me).

I know that God is my Deliverer and when I felt I could not take anymore, he came in right on time. I am a tither, a giver, a seed sower and I know my redeemer lives. It was like 100 lbs had been lifted off my shoulders. I understand that as a Christian we are crucified with Christ, yet, God overcame the world and we are over comers. Hallelujah! This is my testimony."
# 22: Pat - Ohio, USA

Know That When We Don't Tithe We Are Cheaters.
"I was tithing every month and I was seeing God doing great things in my life and my family, then it happened that on December I skipped tithing. That's when I realized that I have opened the door for the locusts. My childs arm was broken I had to hire a car to get to the hospital. When we got there they said we should open a file with the amount of R108 and others were opening with only R50. After she was discharged they said I must pay R1000 for the bed. Just imagine so much money for public hospital. Guys since then I make no mistake, I even tithe for even a cent because I don't want to see what happened on December again. Guys know that when we don't tithe we are cheaters and we won't inherit His kingdom according to Galatians 5."
# 21: Lerato - South Africa

God Will Open The Windows Of Heaven And Pour Out That Blessing.
"I have been a faithful tither for a long time and I am songwriter and a openly gay serving the house of God in music ministry. I have been what you called house broke or considerably poor for a while but God was meeting my needs still faithfully tithing. I am of African American and Puerto Rican background and been feeling a little depressed about this songwriting thing for awhile and tithing until I moved. Finally when I turned 31 an opportunity came in the mail from Hollywood, California I finally got my songwriting publishing deal. No matter who you are if acknowledge Christ and follow His ways and be found faithful God will just like He said in Malachi 3:10 He will open the windows of heaven and pour out that blessing."
# 20: Deyonce - Missouri

As I Continue To Tithe, I Have Seen The Lord Change My Life.
"There are so many negative views about tithing today. But the Lord if Faithful and His Word if true. As I continue to tithe, I have seen the Lord change my life. I have seen blessings poured over my life. I have seen protection. Always trust the Word Of God, it never fails."
# 19: Mary - Uganda

Financial Increase and Closer Relationship With God.
"My tithing not only led me to financial increase but also enjoying the joy of giving and closer relationship to God."
# 18: Irene - Philippines

Tithing Works.
"Tithing works, but not if you talk yourself out of your blessings. Life is about choices and every choice effects others, we truly do reap what we sow including money."
# 17: Jonathan - Nevada

While Constantly Tithing God Blessed Me With A Restaurant Business.
"I started working in the year 2011 Oct 1st in South Sudan and was receiving salary of 1,000 South Sudanese pounds. While constantly tithing and hoping for God's favor upon my situation, my earning did not remain the same and now God blessed me with my personal business, a restaurant, that I receive every day increasing amount. I thank God and give glory for He is faithful to a faithful servant."
# 16: Esther - South Sudan

I Have Seen The Miracles That God Provides.
"I would like to share my tithing testimony, I was going through a very rough period in my life 4 months ago and I had promised the Lord that I would edify others through my testimony as I have read and have been edified by others.

4 months ago, I had resigned from a job that revealed to me by the Lord that it was not in my best interest to continue in. For the 1st time in my life, I was left without any resources as I had committed myself to this job and had lost sight of God and his Word. Reading the bible again, I had realized many things in my life were not right and I knew that it all had to start all over with God first and foremost.

With faith, I told myself to keep going and miracles started to happen. I started to see how the Lord provided for me even though I had no resources coming in. My car insurance premium was quoted to be half of what it was last year. I started to receive free car park, vouchers etc. The biggest miracle of all, into my 4th month of job searching, I received and accepted a job offer that saw a double increase in my previous drawn salary.

God says to test him and the floodgates will open, I have seen the miracles that God provides and I will commit to faithfully tithe as much as I can. Thank you Lord for your word and faithfulness."
# 15: Karen - Singapore

God Is Good.
"God is good and He does what He promises."
# 14: Robert - Uganda

I Started Tithing When I Was Jobless And God Blessed Me With A Job.
"I started tithing when I was jobless and God blessed me with a job in an international company and earning good money. I want to encourage Christians to tithe. Jehovah will never forget his children who tithe. God sees every step of faith we make and remember that Jesus is alive and will surely bless you when you tithe."
# 13: Norah - Kenya

God Is An On Time God And He Will Honor You Also.
"I'd been tithing faithfully as a church musician five years plus, then I began writing song lyrics in 2007. I turned 31 in 2012 and I had copywritten some lyrics before then, faithfully tithing still and nothing. Then around June of 2012 some of my song lyrics with the copyright office ended up in Hollywood, California and I got picked up by a label and got a 2 CD publishing deal and will be receiving royalties. God is an on time God and He will honor you also. To include I am a gay Christian who has been faithful to ministry still believed in tithing and the double blessing is over my life. God is no respecter of persons. As long as we believe in Christ, live right and honor God He will bless. The next blessing will be my future partner/husband."
# 12: Donald Wesley Carter III - Kansas City, Missouri

I Thank God For Tithing And God Remembering The Tithes We Have Sown.
"I remember tithing and how God was taking my tithing and my trusting Him to another level. My pastor was going to be in Florida for a powerful conference. I prayed Lord "If it your will you make the way for me to be in Florida at the conference" I also know that God remembers all of the tithes we sow down to the last dime! Well I received a call from my pastors office telling me they wanted me to come to Florida to share in on the wonderful conference. Wow the move of God is amazing God had me covered from food, hotel, transportation more tithing and more praise to God for allowing my faith to be stretched and see His work being manifested in so many ways and in so many lives. I must say at this conference I experienced an encounter with God that was amazing and unforgettable. I thank God for tithing and God remembering the tithes we have sown."
# 11: Sabrina - United States

I Was Very Poor, Unemployed and Used To Eat From Dust Bin.
Because Of Tithing I Am Blessed, Own My Own Business.
And My Children Are In The Best Schools With A Son At Medical School.

"It was on 2005, when a pastor named Pastor Morris, introduced tithe to me. He invited me to the church. I was very poor, unemployed. I used to eat from a dust bin. All the time Pastor Morris could say to me that, do you want to be blessed financial? Give tithe, and always be ready to give to God the best offering, he taught me that all the time the offering I give to God should increase. In the beginning , I used to be very angry with him, but gradually, I started noticing improvements in my life. Now I am a blessed woman, I got a very good job, even though I am not educated and qualified for that job, but God made me to qualify. Later I opened my own business, then on 2012, I registered my own company, which is doing well. Now can make a profit of not less than RAND 400,000 monthly. My Three children are in the best schools here in South Africa. My son is in the best university in the fourth year at medical school of South Africa . I thank God for using Pastor Morris. If you remember me or not, I am Thandiwe of Sharpville, Vereeniging, South Africa. May God bless you, and use you to empower other people wherever you are."
# 10: Thandi - South Africa

From Poor To Riches.
"If the Lord can feed the sparrow, what more us, because of His great love for us, that He is even willing to sent His only son Jesus Christ to come to this world to take our curses away from us. 20 years ago, I was living with an abusive man. But I trust in God in my tithing, even if he force me to stop giving tithes to the church, because I know my tithes belong to God and I must not steal from God. I earned only RM 500 a month with 2 small children to feed and take care of. I was thrown out of the house and ended up as single mother having to sleep on the floor in my parents house besides the dogs. But God is always good to me. Every time I pray and ask Him for food or money, instantly in 2 minutes food will come to my door and money will come to my hand. There was one time when 2 church members gave me RM200 to help me in my finances, but I gave back to God all the money that I received just to thank God for taking care of me. After a few hours I received RM1500 in my bank. Today, I am earning more than RM 20,000 a month. Started my feeding ministry in the Philippines. With 19 acres of land fully paid, 4 cars and 1 house. From poor to riches. Not only that, God even turned me from a single mother...now I am married to a loving man who loves me and my children and believing in God and His goodness."
# 9: Dorothy Mary Duncan Peter - Malaysia/Philipines

I Have Since Been Able To Pay My Extra Bills And Am Now Virtually Debt Free.
"The Lord convicted me to tithe shortly after getting saved. In debt and living paycheck to paycheck, I looked for every possible way to do so. The Lord found a way. I was expecting to be able to pay off some debt to free up enough money to tithe. The Lord's plan was to provide me with another source of income equal to 10% of my salary. I expected a financial strain when I started, but that has never come. I have since been able to pay my extra bills and am now virtually debt free."
# 8: Chris - Illinois

I Decided To Tithe - Received More Money Than Expected!
"I knew about tithing but I was not a faithful tither. I read a book on tithing and was convicted, the following month I decided to tithe. When I drew a budget of the next month to follow I could see that half of the list was not a possibility. To my suprise the money that came into my bank referenced as salary and it was 30% more than what I expected."
# 7: Siviwe - South Africa

More Than 150 Resumes And No Work...I Cried Out To God With A Promise To Tithe
7 Days Later I Get A Call About A Job Offer And Now Make 20% More!

"After working for more than 30 years, my boss ask me to meet with him. I expected that my sales territory may be increased as the company was beginning to cut back on expenses. I had always ranked in the top 25% of producers, most times in the top 10. When we met, I was informed that indeed, the company was cutting back and my job as regional sales manager was one of the cutbacks. Here I am, recently relocated far from home and without a job for the first time in my life. My wife and I moved back home and I started looking for another job. One month, two months, three months pass and I still am umemployed. More than 150 resumes had received only one response and that was a "no thank you." In despiration, I cried out to God, "God, if you will only help me find a job, so I can support my family, I will gladly give you 10% of my pay." About 7 days later, I get a call from one of my previous competitors. I became Sales Manger for that company, making 20% more than I had in my previous employment. Tithing was a simple decision."
# 6: Charles - South Carolina

I Believed In Paying My Tithes And The Lord Took Care Of My Every Need
"Four years ago my doctor told I would have stop working, but I believed in paying my tithes. While I was working, I would always cash my check and ask the teller for an extra envelope and right there I would take my tithes out (because I knew this was God's money). I am giving this testimony because when I was not able to pay tithes because I had no income coming in, the Lord took care of my every need----roof over my head, bills got paid, food on the table, clothes on my back, and He never missed a beat. Thank You Jesus and God Bless!!!"
# 5: Carol - Georgia

God Told Me To Give My Last $5 To My Church...
I Did And Found $80 That Afternoon In A Drawer At Home!

"At our church one Sunday a month we do something called miracle seed Sunday. All monies collected during that time goes to pay the mortage on the church down. I had five dollars to my name. God told me to put it in, and I did knowing that was all that I had. I put the five in the basket. After returning home that afternoon I was looking through a drawer and found 80 dollars. I thank God for this blessing in my life."
# 4: Teri

After Starting Tithing My Financial Situation Changed Totally!
"After starting tithing my financial situation changed totally and my marriage was restored. Thanks Jesus"
# 3: Miguel

In Two Days After We Placed The Check In The Offering Plate, God Came Through!
"My husband and I had attended our church many years and never felt like we could "afford" to tithe. Well we knew in our hearts that we could not afford "not" to tithe, but we just didn't know how we could manage. God kept convicting us and we kept listening to our Pastors and reading about how that it was "stealing" from God and just couldn't run anymore. We decided to tithe our car payment, which happened to be the same amount as we needed to give, so we did. Well, we put it in God's hands and really didn't know what was going to happen. In two days after we placed the check in the offering plate, God came through! We received a check in the mail from our car company that we had overpaid a month's car payment several months back. Not only was it enough to make our car payment, we had $4.00 left over! God is so good. We have not missed a tithe gift to God since. It is His money and He will bless you for showing Him that you are trusting enough in Him to give it."
# 2: Renee

I Believe That My House Was A Gift From God For My Faithfulness In Tithing!
"I would like to testify how faithful God is when you tithe and trust in Him concerning your finances. Years ago I began to learn about tithing and faith. I was barely making minimum wages at my job. I wanted to start tithing anyway not because I would receive in return but because it was something that I feel God wanted me to do. I tithed on what little I had and told God that I am leaving my job situation in His hands from now on. What I am about to tell you is the absolute truth. I just want others in the world to know how great God is, how true to His Word He is and just how much He wants to bless His children. Since that day many years ago when I tithed that little bit and stepped out in faith God has blessed me beyond what I ever imagined or could begin to describe to you. I have tithed every single week since that day on all the money that I make "BEFORE" taxes. I also give towards special needs that I see or feel in my heart to give to that is in addition to what I tithe on.

Because I left my job situation in His hands, I have never had to look for a job as God has always sent one to me and each job went higher up in pay. I now live in a brand new house that I paid in full with cash AND I did not have to pay for it with the money I made working! God had guided me and shown me what I needed to do to pay for my house free and clear. I believe that my house was a gift from God for my faithfulness in tithing! I also have a brand new automobile that I paid cash for and never want for anything. I owe no man but to love him. I am normally a very private person when it comes to my finances but I feel that it is very important to tell others just how great God is and that if you abide in His Word and trust Him, He will not let you down. He is faithful and will do what He says. God truly wants to bless His children. Today I do not hesitate to give and donít even have to think about if I have the money available or not. It really feels good to help others when there is a need. Give tithing a try and watch the blessings come back to you. You canít out give God and it will come back to you many times over!"
# 1: An Abundantly Blessed Child of God

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